Bespoke Equipment

Bio filters, cabbage tipper, leaf wash systems, tomato cutters

We have made many bespoke products for customers

The list here is just a sample of Items we have made:
  • Bio Filter
  • Biscuit stacker
  • Beer keg conveyoring
  • Bag Squeezer
  • Cabbage tipper
  • Celery conveyors
  • Cheese cutter (into small squares)
  • Cucumber cutter
  • Cucumber de-cellophaner
  • Leaf wash systems
  • Lifting hoist system
  • Meat cutter
  • Machine guarding
  • Pallet conveyoring
  • Parsnip cutter
  • Pot / carton pusher infeed systems
  • Tomato cutter
  • Tray / can wash systems
  • Water flume system
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